You're Hired
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You're Hired

You're Hired

絕代商驕 (2009)

Genres: Comedy, Romance
Actors: Ella Chan, Jazz Boon, Charmaine Sheh, Michael Tse, Power Chan, Dayo Wong, Koni Lui, Suet Nei, Jason Pai, Bowie Wu, Benz Hui, Mandy Cho, Joel Chan, Chung Chow, Queenie Chu, JJ Jia, Johnson Law, Chan Wing Chun, Chun Wong, Irene Wong, Hugo Wong, Amy Ng, Kwong Chor Fai, Eric Chung, Apple Lo, Andy Sui, Ng Wai Shan, Vivian Tsang, Kong Hon, Yoe Biu, Leo Tsang, Otto Chan, Lily Liu, Albert Law, Mak Ka Lun, Yu Chi Ming, Jason Chan, Oscar Leung, Lily Leung, Janice Shum
Directors: Unknown
Networks: Unknown
Also Known As: Jut Doi Soeng Giu
Duration: 45 min. per ep
Types: Drama
Countries: HK
Released: 2009
Episode: Ep 22 / 22
Later, he learns that his mentor's wife She Mo Lin (Theresa Lee) is in great debt and he starts selling "business tactics" to the trader Tong Kat (Benz Hui Shiu Hung) for Lin's debt recovery. Deadbeat Song refuses to take a full time job and that makes Edit Translation English his income change from day to day. A tough collection agent, Lam Miu Miu (Charmaine Sheh), tries every means to push him into a corner. They keep playing tricks on each other and finally become a pair of rival lovers.
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