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브이아이피 (2019)

Genres: Mystery, Business, Romance, Drama, Melodrama
Actors: Lee Jung Rim, Hye Won, Jang Na Ra, Lee Sang Yoon, Lee Chung Ah, Kwak Sun Young, Pyo Ye Jin, Shin Jae Ha, Lee Jae Won, Jung Joon Won, Park Sung Geun, Jang Hyuk Jin, Lee Jin Hee, Kim Mi Kyung, Choi Hong Il, Jung Ae Ri, Jang Hyun Sung, Jeon Hye Jin, Jung Shi Yool, Kim Seo Ra, Jo Seung Yeon, Chae Song Ah, Kim Yoo Bin, Han Hee Jung, Oh Ah Rin, Song Yo Sep
Directors: Lee Jung Rim
Networks: SBS
Also Known As: VIP
Duration: 35 min. per ep
Types: Drama
Countries: Korean
Released: 2019
Episode: Ep 16 / 32
VIP is a drama that seeks to find an answer in the secretive relationships we hold in today’s society. Jung Sun is a competent and successful career woman who works as a deputy manager at Sung Woon Department Store. Her job as a member of the VIP Management Team is to satisfy their top one percent of customers who are the special VIPs and VVIPs. Not only is she professional at work, Add Synopsis In Portuguese but she has a happy household with a wonderful husband, Sung Jun. However, one day she receives an anonymous text message. It says that her romantic husband is having an affair with someone at the office. Anxious to lose everything she has, she desperately studies the office and her co-workers to find out the woman Sung Jun is seeing. In the course of events, secrets behind each of the workers at the VIP Management Team are revealed. Will Jung Sun find out the truth behind the anonymous text message?

(Source: Viu)
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