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Fairyland Lovers

Fairyland Lovers

蓬莱间 (2020)

Genres: Comedy, Romance, Fantasy
Actors: Johnny Bai, Zheng Qiu Hong, Ji Xiao Bing, Estelle Chen, Marcus Li, Xuan Lu, Zhang Lei, Ning Wen Tong, Zhou Yue, Liang Hao, Dong Ke Fei, Yu Xin He, Leon Li, Li Shuai, Kenneth Tsang, Guo Yi Ming, Aly A, Jeremy Jones Xu, Hugo Ng, Ma Meng Wei, Sun An Ke, Gao Jian
Directors: Unknown
Networks: Unknown
Also Known As: Peng Lai Jian
Duration: 45 min. per ep
Types: Drama
Countries: Chinese
Released: 2020
Episode: Ep 35 / 35
Bai Qi is a mysterious doctor who rents Lin Xia's house for his medical practice. As his landlady living upstairs, Lin Xia notices some strange things about him. He doesn't accept money as payment for his service. Instead, he asks his patients for the most valuable thing to them. His patients come from all walks of life, and some are not even human, which is not surprising, because neither is Bai Qi. Edit Translation English Español Português Nederlands -- Adapted from the novel with the same name, written by Lu Han.
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