Black Dog
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Black Dog

Black Dog

블랙독 (2019)

Genres: Comedy, School, Drama
Actors: Hwang Joon Hyuk, Park Joo Yun, Seo Hyun Jin, Ra Mi Ran, Ha Joon, Yoo Min Kyu, Jung Hae Kyun, Lee Yoon Hee, Heo Tae Hee, Park Ji Hwan, Lee Chang Hoon, Kim Hong Fa, Ye Soo Jung, Kwon So Hyun, Baek Eun Hye, Im Hyun Sung
Directors: Hwang Joon Hyuk
Networks: Unknown
Also Known As: Beullaegdog
Duration: 60 min. per ep
Types: Drama
Countries: Korean
Released: 2019
Episode: Ep 16 / 16
It tells the story of a young woman who gets a short-term teaching position and does her best to fight for students’ dreams in school. The drama will take a deep look into the lives of teachers and provide commentary on society through the microcosm of a school setting.

Go Ha Neul, who is newly appointed to a short-term teaching position at a private school. She dreamed of becoming a teacher because Add Synopsis In Portuguese of her gratitude towards one of her own teachers who saved her life, and she will grow with the students as they face the various issues that exist in a cut-throat private school setting.

Park Sung Soon, the head of the career counseling department at the school and a known workaholic. She is well-known as someone who will do whatever it takes for her students and is even willing to visit schools on her students' behalf to fight for them. She will be a mentor to Go Ha Neul.
Do Yeon Woo, a Korean language teacher who is passionate about teaching and hearing that he’s good at his job makes his heart race. He is an idealist who believes talent will win over any office politics. Rather than getting involved in things like that, he likes to go his own way to grow as a person.
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